• It works as an anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant so those who suffer from dry, sensitive skin and cannot tolerate a retinol-based cosmetic.
  • The antibacterial properties of bakuchiol also mean that it is great for those with acne and oily skin.
  • Bakuchiol has been shown to activate several chemical pathways in skin cells that ultimately lead to improved collagen production, decreased collagen breakdown and reduction of melanin (pigment) synthesis. The overall net effect seems to be an improvement in fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation which are commonly associated with the natural ageing process of the skin.
  • Bakuchiol shows promise as a new agent that can complement and enhance the effectiveness of currently available formulations. Bakuchiol is likely the only agent after retinoic acid shown to be effective against multiple pathophysiologic features of acne.
  • Bakuchiol may also have a suppressive effect on melanin-producing cells in skin, which may make it a beneficial ingredient to lighten dark spots or improve uneven skin tone due to sun damage (Source: Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry,Volume 74, Issue 7, 2010, pages 1,504-1,506).
  • Bakuchiol also has antifungal activity, particularly against the type of fungi that cause athlete's foot (medically, Tinea pedis). Interestingly, part of its mechanism of action against fungi is via generation of ROS, which stands for reactive oxygen species, a type of free radical that, depending on the circumstances, can have a positive effect on health (Sources:www.biotek.com/resources/articles/reactive-oxygen-species.html and Phytomedicine, June 2014, pages 942-945; and Journal of Ethnopharmacology, December 2012, pages 809-811)

In one study, researchers from California, Michigan, Florida and Pennsylvania observed the effect on 44 participants, giving them either bakuchiol or retinol to apply. After 12 weeks, both showed a reduction in wrinkles and hyperpigmentation but the retinol users reported more skin scaling and stinging. Another study showed it to be highly effective at treating acne.